About Brexit Express

Brexit Express was set up in 2016 in the run-up to the referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU. Its aim was simple; to allow people to express their support for Leave, irrespective of their party political allegiannces. And to encourage people to vote Leave, Brexit Express ran a poster campaign which proved popular. You can still find these posters on this site.

Things have evolved. And so has Brexit Express. Its aim now is equally simple.
To ensure ‘No Backsliding on Brexit’.

Jeremy Hosking

Jeremy Hosking

Jeremy Hosking is an investor and has worked for a number of asset management firms, in the UK and overseas. He has been a regular author and contributor to investment debate over the last thirty years. Jeremy has personal interests across the hospitality, football and rail industries in the UK. He is a firm believer that Britain has a better future outside of the European Union.

Alex Deane

Alex Deane, Campaign Manager

Alex Deane is a longstanding Eurosceptic activist and advocate (and served as the Executive Director of the Grassroots Out Movement). A former Parliamentary aide to two MPs (including David Cameron), he works for a global professional services business in the City of London, where he is also elected at a local level. He often appears in the UK media, most frequently as a commentator on Sky News.

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